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Moving To Colorado – Choosing Between Denver And Boulder

There are increasing numbers of people who are choosing to relocate to Colorado. Clean air, great outdoor entertainment options, and a lower cost of living are only a few of the reasons that the state is seeing an influx of new residents. However, choosing between Denver and Boulder can be challenging – both offer the opportunity to enjoy a great lifestyle, but each has unique experiences that set them apart. Here are some of the factors that can help make the decision of which of these great cities to choose as a home base.

Property and Cost of Living.

For those who are looking for property, there’s a clear distinction between Denver and Boulder. Denver is simply the cheaper of the two when it comes to purchasing or renting a home. In fact, according to recent research housing in Boulder is 30.1% more expensive than Denver. For those with families who are looking to rent smaller homes such as a two-bedroom apartment or landed home, they will be spending around $200 more in Boulder. That can quickly add up, especially when one takes into account that the general cost of living in Boulder is significantly higher in Boulder when one looks at factors such as utilities, food and groceries and healthcare (to name only a few of the contributing factors).


Both Denver and Boulder have plenty of opportunities for employment – however there is a marked difference in the type of companies that offer room for professional growth. Boulder has a variety of companies in the fast-growing Biotech sector which are attractive options for those searching for employment. It also has an extremely active tech sector. Denver also boasts a vibrant tech sector, but its reputation as offering great outdoor experiences has led to a number of well-known companies focused on the outdoor lifestyle choosing it as their headquarters (Recreational Equipment Inc. is just one). In addition, Denver also has extremely active financial services and real estate sector – as well as a growing number of startups which may allow entrepreneurs an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of fast-growing companies.

Outdoor Lifestyle.

Both Denver and Boulder are great options for those who want to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. The fact that the Rocky Mountains are on the doorstep of each of the cities means that activities such as hiking and skiing are easy to access and there are some great trails to be enjoyed. However, for those who want to enjoy nature within the city limits it’s worth noting that Boulder is also known as the ‘city within a park’ – it has magnificent green spaces, not that Denver is any slouch when it comes to offering families great places to enjoy Mother Nature without leaving the city. Those who own dogs may be attracted to Denver as it is incredibly dog-friendly. Parks such as Cherry Creek State Park are perfect for a day out with man’s best friend. 

Entertainment and Leisure.

Each of these great cities has numerous options when it comes to entertainment. Denver offers easy access to a number of exceptional eateries and retail outlets within easy access to the attractive Union Station (which also plays host to the weekly farmers market). Larimer Square in Denver is wonderfully attractive with its Victorian-style architecture and access to many entertainment options. Boulder attracts families and many of the younger generation due to the fact that it is a college town and is snug enough to be enjoyed on foot. Students and those who enjoy some exercise will have ample opportunities to enjoy some great bike trails. It’s also home to fabulous dining destinations.

Choosing between Denver and Boulder can be a challenge, however, what is true of both cities is that those choosing to relocate will have access to an area that boasts astonishing natural beauty. The cost of living, which is lower than many major coastal cities is another drawcard – as are great educational opportunities. These cities offer lifestyles that tick all the boxes – it’s a choice many will be glad to make.

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