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The Best Guide on How to Become a Residential Roofer

The real estate industry continues to grow as many people gain interest in becoming roofers. If you plan to be a residential roofer, you need to go through various steps. You do not just wake up and start searching for roofing jobs without due processes.

While the journey to becoming a residential roofer may take you time and a few dollars, it is worth every effort and investment made. Below are steps you need to go through before you become a certified roofer.

Acquire Skills through Training

Before you start applying for roofing jobs, consider going for training to acquire the basic skills. You will need to go through a specialized apprentice training program. It is a basic training program that consists of both theory and practical.

The course covers various sections, including blueprint reading, roof installation tips, diagnostic techniques, building code requirements, selecting materials, mathematics, first aid practices, and quality management.

As you go through the program, you will learn how to use roofing tools, materials, machines, and equipment and learn basic activities such as fetching and carrying equipment.

Within a few months, you will have learned how to measure residential roofing materials and how to fit and lay the materials on the roof.

There are many roof types, and learning how to install each can give you a seamless work experience with your clients. It is worth noting that some materials such as solar tiles are less commonly used and may take you more time to gain experience.

Successful training has a minimum of 4,000 hours. This is what it takes to get recognized and licensed as a roofer. Trainees get supervised by an experienced roofer who ensures that they understand the roofing nitty-gritty before becoming certified.

You can join roofing unions or contractor associations to learn about roofing, and you must be above 18 years and physically strong to work.

Obtain Exam Study Guides

Once you’re done with your basic training, you will need to take an exam to test your skills. Before you sit for the exam, ensure you obtain a study guide to prepare for the exam.

You will find many online sources with relevant information that can help you through the exam period. Some states publish the study guides on websites, and you can also get the information from your local bookstore.

Submit Relevant Information to the Licensing Board

Before you get certified, you will provide information such as educational qualification, work experience, licensing fees, identification, background and credit check, and test results. You’ll also be sure be sure you can handle insurance claims for your clients in addition to having your own liability insurance.

It is worth noting that the information varies per state. In this case, you should inquire with your state and know what to submit. This will help you avoid submitting irrelevant information and wasting time.

Apply for a Job with Roofing Company

Now is the time for you to go hands–on. Before you get certified, you will need work experience as a roofer. This is when to know if you’re a good roofer. You will be able to make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the career or not. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Certification Requirements

Once you complete the apprenticeship program, you are considered a journey worker who can roof. However, you need relevant certification to show that you can work well. In this case, you should find out the requirements from your state to become a certified roofer.

You can check out more information from the contractor’s license reference site, or your company can direct you about how to get the information. Ensure you follow the due process to avoid problems with the authorities in the future.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a certified residential roofing contractor may not be an easy park, but it is worth every effort and commitment made. You will eventually enjoy the fruits of your sacrifice once you get employed and start earning a salary.

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