Denver Founders Mentorathon

Meet a Mentor

March 30, 2016 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO

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Denver Founder’s Mentorathon is an event where innovators can connect with seasoned tech leaders to think of the best way to advance their courageous ideas. Sometimes mentoring council sparks immediate collaboration or it may send you back to the drawing board. Either way, you will learn the secrets of accomplished startup advisors and this 20 minute conversation might propel you to new directions. Check out our speakers below and sign up quickly!

During the Spring, 2016 event, Mentor’s have the option of selecting a startup to Adopt through the Commons on Champa Uvize platform. Come prepared to learn more about this program during the event.

Event Speakers

Jenna Walker

Artifact Uprising is an e-commerce platform and brand that sells custom photo books and prints on both web and iOS. Getting their start from a basement in 2012, Katie (CCO) and her sister Jenna (CEO)...  Read More

Bob Ogdon

Executive with over 35 years in business and technology development with a focus on small business solutions. Founder of Swiftpage the owner of ACT! the leading provider of small business...  Read More

Justin Roszelle

Justin is the CTO of Sirvo, the hottest hospitality service job platform. Justin brings 15 years of web application development and 6 of those years in a technical...  Read More

Mark Radtke

Mark Radtke joined the USPTO in 2005 after graduating from Boston University with a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He examined patent applications related...  Read More

Jay Zeschin

Chief Architect & Co-founder of Ello. Seasoned application developer and technical architect, with extensive experience in building and scaling web...  Read More

Tricia Meyer

Tricia Meyer is the Founder & Managing Attorney of Meyer Law, co-Founder of captureme and an active member of Chicago and Colorado’s startup and technology community. Through her...  Read More

Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin, an entrepreneur, web designer, real estate investor, and one-time realtor, founded and launched BiggerPockets after realizing that he was...  Read More

Mike Freeman

Mike has more than 20 years executive level experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He is the CEO of Innosphere - a 501 c3 technology incubator with more than 40 client...  Read More

Lee Mayer

Lee is the co-founder and CEO of interior design startup Havenly.  She started the company last year to make decorating  easier – and more affordable- for all...  Read More

Jason Lewis

Serial entrepreneur, first business and bank line of credit at 14.  Techstars '12 alumni as co-founder of, an Airbnb for office space application, $6.5M+ raised, now CEO of Ecospace,...  Read More

Michael Ward

"I'm the author of the "Bootstrapping vs. Billionaires" blog where I tell tales from the trenches of building a globally successful marketing automation company with a fraction of the resources of...  Read More

Rich Maloy

I believe that starting a company to create value, or joining a startup to further its value is the most important thing in the professional world. Whether you’re working on a Salesforce plugin, a...  Read More

Paul Foley

In mid-2013, at the age of 23, Paul founded Nimbus to help startups grow using sales, marketing, and finance web applications, also known as "cloud apps". While running the company Paul landed...  Read More

Sy Nayman

Sy has spent 19 years in the technology sector, taking security, infrastructure, transaction management, medical records/online consumer health software, and SaaS products to market. In 1996, he...  Read More

Rich Weborg

OneReach is a platform that encourages and supports human connection. Driven by our passion for user experience design, our solutions enhance the relationships that businesses have with their...  Read More